Monday, 2 December 2013

Book review - Makery by Kate Smith

Two of my favourite things are making and books, so when I was asked by the lovely people at Octopus Publishing Group if I wanted to review some craft books I was most excited! It also gives me something positive to get me back into the blogging, especially now I seem to be having so much interest in the blog! 

I shall be reviewing 'Makery' by Kate Smith as my first book. This book seems very apt to review at this time of year when we are all thinking about Christmas gifts, and not only are handmade gifts a great way of saving some pennies, they also make for really personal and thoughtful gifts.

Over 30 Projects for the home, to wear and to give. 
Kate Smith
Published by Mitchell Beazley
Paperback £14.99 
Also available in eBook format £7.99 

The Makery Workshop and The Makery Emporium, both in Bath, are havens for all crafters. It has been described as ‘a fabulously warm and welcoming workshop space’ (Mollie Makes) and in its ‘gorgeous surroundings you can learn everything from how to restore a mirror or update a tired sofa’ (Elle Decoration). Here, you can while away your afternoons with a craft workshop or two, immersing yourself in all things buttons, pretty fabrics and the whirr of sewing machines. Makery guru Kate Smith has finally put her amazing skills to print, and her first book, Makery, is here to show you how it’s done. 

The beautifully put together book is divided into 3 sections; fashion, gifts and home. However after reading through the book, I think that the three really overlap, as some of the gifts I would love for myself and some of the fashion and home items would make wonderful gifts!

Fashion is where Kate reveals her stunning fashion pieces from knitted accessories such as crochet slippers to handmade items of jewellery. I love this découpage pendant, which would make a wonderful present for a friend. The page layouts and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and so inspirational, they just make you want to make!

Gifts include a fun, fabric cuckoo clock and a very useful make-up roll for brushes. Kate also provides great ideas for custom made decorated gift tags and printed bags, perfect for adding a personal touch to your gift giving.

Finally are the projects for the Home, where Kate reveals clever ways to create pretty tea light tins, a cute fifties frilly apron and a chunky rug, among many other exciting projects. I just love this fabric stag head, which is very much on trend if the Country Living Christmas fair I recently attended in Harrogate is anything to go by?!

The ideas are wonderfully presented, the pages filled with stunning full page photographs and illustrations complemented with beautifully hand drawn, friendly instructions and handy tips to guide you in creating so many wonderful things. 

Kate believes that, as with cooking, the ingredients you use in crafting are key to the end result. Choose your ingredients well, follow her clear instructions, and the end result will be stunning. 

I have already chosen to have a go at this tape measure rosette, which I hope to use for my own Christmas wrapping and these lovely tea light tins, which I know my mum will love for Christmas (I may have ruined the surprise though!).

I will be featuring my own attempts very soon, so watch this space!

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