Saturday, 4 August 2012

clever packaging

I'm great believer in great packaging. I love it when the container the object comes in, is as special as the object itself. I recently happened upon this great french blog. I could have posted all of their images but here are a few of my favourites...

These CD cases are such a simple idea yet really effective and sustainable. I also adore these origami containers below. I really want to have a go at creating something similar, they would make great wedding favours or even cool Christmas decorations doubling up as wrapping.


They've got lots of images of really wonderful and creative tea packaging but I thought these Batman inspired vessels were pretty cool! Lastly I thought I'd share these bottles, mainly because they were also featured in an article I read this week about Calimocho's, the Spanish wine and coke drink.

Seeing all of these wonderful creations and further to my previous post on clever CD cases inspired me to dig out some of the unique cases we've collected over the years.

I especially love this cleverly cut container which opens up to reveal it's Ram horns.

Finally I thought I'd share one of my own creations, not quite as clever as the above but they did tie in with the theme of the stationary. They were created to house the DJ sets the bride and groom asked their family and friends to create for them. The full set of 9 looked quite impressive all bundled up with red string so I will have to ask the groom nicely if he can photograph for me properly!

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