Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'Vintage package' Wedding Invitations

I love it when a client gives me the opportunity to be really creative, especially when I can really work with their personality to create something unique and that they love. 

I've wanted to do a 'package' style invitation for a while and continuing theme of Hollywood Glamour inspired by a vintage posters I created this collection of cards tied up with string and finished with a retro sweetie bag as the envelope.


The insert cards, including a hand drawn map, menu and RSVP were letter pressed to give that subtle indented finish I love so much, with a tri-colour print to the invitation to tie into the overall themes.


An RSVP postcard was included to allow guests to feed back their menu choices and a message to the happy couple. The front was left mainly blank with a simple frame to allow the guests to create their own imagery for the event. This is a lovely touch to include personalisation and make a wonderful keepsake.

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