Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'Vintage package' Wedding Invitations

I love it when a client gives me the opportunity to be really creative, especially when I can really work with their personality to create something unique and that they love. 

I've wanted to do a 'package' style invitation for a while and continuing theme of Hollywood Glamour inspired by a vintage posters I created this collection of cards tied up with string and finished with a retro sweetie bag as the envelope.


The insert cards, including a hand drawn map, menu and RSVP were letter pressed to give that subtle indented finish I love so much, with a tri-colour print to the invitation to tie into the overall themes.


An RSVP postcard was included to allow guests to feed back their menu choices and a message to the happy couple. The front was left mainly blank with a simple frame to allow the guests to create their own imagery for the event. This is a lovely touch to include personalisation and make a wonderful keepsake.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Craft Blog UK

I wanted to write a short post about Craft Blog UK to introduce those of you who might not know about it and also share the fact that you can now find me there too!

The website has been set up by Hilary Pullen (whom I've just discovered studied Architecture, showing it can lead to so many ventures!) and 'is devoted to celebrating the hard work of the UK's best craft bloggers with regular features highlighting talented crafters and lots helpful articles for bloggers to make their handmade blogs a success.'

There are loads of blogs to explore and discover a wonderful range of arts and crafts. It's very easy to get carried away but not a bad way to spend an evening!

The website also has lots of great tutorials and tips for the aspiring blogger. When I have more time to have a proper go at mine, I'm certainly going to read further into where I can make improvements. I've been following @CraftBlogUK on twitter and am really enjoying her Sunday evening tweet chat clinics #cbuk, not quite had the guts to comment yet but there's some great advice and it's a great way of getting your blog out there amongst fellow makers so will definitely join in next time.

In the meantime you can find me and many other paper crafters at the link below...


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