Wednesday, 11 April 2012

two (or four) of my favourite things...

I don't post for ages and then twice in one day!

However I was so excited when I saw this, screaming two of my favourite subjects at me, on one of my favourite sources of inspiration, Design Sponge, I just couldn't help myself!

I won't talk too much about the book as Design Sponge contributor Amy Azzarito introduces it wonderfully here (and plus I haven't actually seen it in real life yet!) but on first viewing the images look truly beautiful and anyone who knows me knows what a huge cat lover I am and of my dreams to live in France one day... (even more so seeing these gorgeous residents!)

You see more gorgeous photos on her website here and also read more about the artist and her wonderful work here (*warning* it may make you very jealous!)

p.s if you're wondering what my fourth favourite thing is it is of course books (which anyone who knows me has probably guessed, including my wonderful husband who I know when he reads this will think I can't possibly need anymore but I'm banking on the image above for persuasion!)

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