Monday, 20 February 2012

Blog Update

I've had a little bit of a break from the blogging, sorry to those who have missed me!! Things have been pretty busy both in work and play but I also wanted to spend a bit of time organising my collections. You can now see some of my wedding stationary designs by clicking on the Bespoke Wedding Stationary Tab at the top of the page.

A collection of my designs can also be found on Flickr. I will be continuously updating these pages so please do check back for new designs.

I also hope to be adding an additional 'Paper Creations' tab soon to showcase my other non-wedding creations, so watch this space!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Leeds Print Festival

Last weekend I went to Leeds for a lovely girly day with my mum and sister, which also gave me the chance to visit Leeds Print Fest, which I had been keenly following on twitter and anticipating in huge excitement. The Festival, which ran from the 27th to the 31st of January, was held in Leeds Gallery, located in Munro House on Duke Street. Walking into the gallery we were presented with wonderful displays of beautiful hand crafted products, from amazing prints, including some wonderful illustrated screen prints to handbound books and more...

photo courtesy of Made in Yorkshire.TV

It was a wonderful event and I hugely urge you to visit their website and blog to check out some of the amazing artists which were featured.

Being a huge lover of all things book, I couldn't leave without one of these gorgeous creations., 'a pocket-sized, interactive, visual guide to our star and planetary neighbours'. 

Hand crafted and Bound by the talented and scientifically minded Alex Pritchard, I love how the pages can be removed and placed to make a scale model of the Solar System.

It was lovely to be able to talk to the maker and hear about the background behind the pieces and the depth of work involved. Alex also had a wonderful collection of 'concise infographics that simply explores and explains some of the more overwhelming facts and figures of the universe'.

You can see more of his work here.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bookish invitations

Continuing the theme of the save the date bookmarks, I created these book style invitations. In a similar fashion to the bookmarks the front became a play on the iconic cover, whilst the back held the invitation wording in keeping with the overall style.


Along with additional information inserts the couple also wanted to incorporate personal postcards so I created a page style insert with a folded tab for them to be able to insert their own element personally. The inserts were sown into the invitation cover to keep everything together and also tie into the 'book' style of the invitation.


As a finishing touch, I tied the invitation with string and added an rsvp tag which I think completed the package really nicely. They were so much fun to create and I'm so pleased with the finished result and hopefully the happy couple are too! They look fab all packaged up so I've included a couple of extra images below.

Polaroid save the dates

After my recent blogging of others wonderful work I thought I share a few of my own recent creations. 

Last year, I met with a lovely couple to discuss wedding stationary for their wedding in the Autumn this year. In discussing options for the Save the Dates, Katy had a photo that her sister had taken for her that she was really keen to use, so I came up with a simple polaroid style card to incorporate the photo. To keep the colour theme simple and open we went for a back and white image with silver text and a small diamante for that extra bling. The back was kept simple with a silver ornate scroll detail with the view to continue into the rest of the stationary.

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