Friday, 27 January 2012

Selina Campbell

Inspired by a tweet the other night, I thought I'd do a post about one of my favourite jewellery designers Selina Campbell, to be honest I'm not sure really why I haven't before but anyway..

Selina is an amazing designer and Silversmith who makes and designs beautiful contemporary jewellery. All pieces are limited and small batch production, making each piece unique and original. Her pieces 'aspire to capture the spontaneous layered patterns of nature by constructing single silver floral components to produce intriguing contemporary forms.'

Although I love all of her work my favourites tend to be her oxidised silver pieces. My first piece was a present a few years ago and is usually part of my regular day to day wardrobe. I love the simplicity of the necklace and it hangs really nicely on. I've tried to capture it in the photos but I also love the way the oxidisation is wearing away, a sure sign of a well loved piece.

As a wedding gift Rob wanted to buy me something special to wear on the day. A neck piece was a given and in going for something simple yet a bit different, Selina seemed like an obvious choice. Visiting her studio at the Manchester Craft and Design Center with hints of my dress, I just knew this oxidised piece with Freshwater Pearls would be absolutely perfect. 

The dark oxidised colour worked amazingly with our colour theme and contrasted perfectly with the pale blue of my dress, whilst the pearl details tied in with the the beading detail over my bodice.

Discussing how I'd like to wear the piece, Selina offered to shorten the chain with an additional link, adding a length so I could wear it longer after if desired. To this she added a pearl which not only made the piece unique worked out perfectly with the dress, adding a beautiful detail to the back which everybody on the day admired hugely.

The back detail was also picked out wonderfully on this amazing art work created for us and  my family by an incredibly talented friend following the big day. You can see more of that here.

It has become another regular favourite of mine, obviously holding something very special and it is wearing well! It worked out so perfectly and I cannot thank her enough! I am so in awe of her beautiful creations so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

I'm not a big ring wearer but every time we visit her studio I cannot help but admire these creations. These below, from the same collection as my necklaces, are just absolutely stunning, but I have also just discovered her newer collection, which are just as amazing in form and I think are an interesting take on the classic 'dimond' ring.

I've also seen on her website she offers the opportunity to make your own wedding rings, 'helping you form, solder and finish the rings, adding any chosen finish you desire'. I think this is such a lovely idea.. for anyone who isn't yet married!

Probably a bit more me though I shall be coveting these beautiful necklaces.

I especially love this longer piece  with the shapes extracted and forming part of the chain.

Selina also has a blog which you can read and follow here. I certainly look forward to hearing about her work and new creations. Enjoy!


  1. What a wonderful response thanks to @SilverSelina and welcome to my new followers!

    Thanks to Selina for featuring me on her blog too!


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