Monday, 2 January 2012

More Origin finds - Stephanie Wooster

Here's another Origin find I had almost forgotten to mention until my sister and I were each given one of her wonderful pieces this Christmas.

Being a huge fan of knitwear but also admiring alternative treatment to well known objects, I just fell in love with these beautiful scarfs by Stephanie Wooster. I met Stephanie at Origin last year and It was lovely to speak to her about her designs, which question 'what is a scarf?' 

I just love her simple creations 'Sheathe' and 'Shawl', beautifully crafted lengths of knitting that can be worn in a variety of ways that 'adorn an outfit and create an awareness of movement'. 

Lengths can be worn simply wrapped around the neck once, 'each movement is echoed with floating strands, a walk becomes a glide of balletic poetry' or wrapped many times around the shoulders 'to create a neck piece of depth in texture and neutral tones and colours.'

With Shawl, worn long, flashes of colour float around the body. Individual lengths can be bound or wrapped to create new proportions, drawing new lines, encouraging creativity. Wound around the neck the pieces become decorative, adding colour and a fine knitted base to jewellery. 

My sister received the beautiful red scarf above and I just know it will look fantastic on. I was given one of the more netural textured pieces shown at the top and am so excited to experiment and show it off.

Stephanie also creates larger sculptural knits with a variety of knit techniques, textures and colour. I love the almost collage nature of the pieces and their uniqueness - absolutely stunning.

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