Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rustic Chic Wedding

Having just received the beautiful images of another wedding I produced the stationary for (and was lucky enough to also attend) I had to share. The reception was held in the most gorgeous setting, in the stunning Herefordshire garden of the brides mother, the venue an amazing tipi, creating a really unique event.

Continuing the theme from the save the dates and the invitations, the day stationary incorporated the bunting and wild hedgerow / beehive imagery. The table plan was set on an artists easel, fitting in with the style of the rustic setting.


The tables were all named after school themed rooms, with the table name places as  tri-fold cards, formed out of brown paper, sat amongst the beautiful wild flower settings. The favours were delicious small jars of honey, produced by the mother of the bride's own bees. The jars dobubled up as name places with brown paper name tags tied on using simple red paper string.


It really was a beatiful setting and I'm so pleased I was able to contribute something which, confirmed by the kind comments recieved that day, sat so well amongst it.

Huge thanks to the very talented Ben Grubb for the beautiful photographs, you can see more of his work here.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nice day for a white wedding

As some of my recent creations are being enjoyed as I write at a wedding in Nottingham, I thought I'd share a few images of the wedding day pieces I created for another Nottingham wedding

Katy and Sam were having a very traditional white wedding and wanted to tie the stationary into their themes. Continuing the style of their pocket fold invitations, I used the same pearlised card and gold paper to create these small hand bound order of services.  

I also utilised the pearlised card and ornamentation from the invitations to create their table numbers which tied in wonderfully with the rest of their decoration.

The menus were double sided and folded to form their own stand to sit on the table. 

I was delighted to hear they had a truely wonderful day and I was honoured I could play a small part in helping them achieve it.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Vintage wedding day stationary

I cannot believe it's been nearly two months already since the wonderful occasion of our very special friends amazing wedding. As I've finally got a bit of time to get back into the blogging I thought I'd share a few bits I created for their fantastic day...

Laura and Ben didn't really want a traditional order of service however they had created this lovely story about the two of them on their wedding website so I wanted to capture this as a keep sake for their guests to enjoy and reminisce about this wonderful occasion.

I created a book with concertina fold pages incorporating the story and a simple order of the day finished with a simple yet effective embossed finish to the luscious thick card covers.

For their seating plan rather than a traditional mounted plan, Laura wanted to create seating cards which would double up as novelty straws for the guests to enjoy with their arrival drinks.

I utilised my paper cutter to create lips and moustaches which would be attached to the straws alongside a tag with the guests name and their table name.


I utilised my paper cutter to create lips and moustaches which would be attached to the straws alongside a tag with the guests name and their table name.

It was such a fun idea and I loved creating them, especially seeing how enjoyed they were by all!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rebecca Coles birthday surprise


I can't believe it's taken me so long to get back to the blog but I did really want to share the truly wonderful surprise I received for my birthday a few weeks ago

I'd discovered Rebecca Coles at Origin last year and just fell head over heels for her amazing works of art. You can see my previous blog post about her work here. Her pieces made from hand cut paper butterflies are just spectacular and whilst I have coveted her work, following her creations on twitter, owning one of my own was a complete dream. However I have wonderful parents and an amazing husband who love me very much and know me so well! After what I have since discovered was months of secret plotting, I was very much surprised and truly delighted to receive my very own custom made Rebecca Coles for my 30th birthday.

With her pieces you really do have to experience them in real life to fully appreciate the layering and wonderful three-dimensional qualities the work possesses but I have added some photos which try to capture these details. 

I love the tones and shades created with the monocromatic layers and the way the butterfies emerge out of the sunken part of the picture is so clever.

Rob saved me some pictures which Rebecca had tweeted of her progress, it's funny as a probably saw them at the time in awe, but it's lovely to see this alongside the final piece which now takes pride of place in the flat.

I really am one happy (and very spoilt) lady! Huge thanks to my mum, dad and Rob for this amazingly thoughful gift and of course Rebecca for creating it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

pocket folds for a white wedding...

It's been a very hectic summer what with the Olympics, two amazing weddings and all the prep in between. I've been a bit lapse with regards to the blog but here are a few things I've been working on....

Firstly, I created these white versions of the pocket fold. The bride wanted to keep the pallet simple so we went for a shimmering white card with hints of beige / gold.

The evening invitations are a slight variation on the day invitation, utilising the band and a hand written tag to differ between. Each invitation contains a set of cards, including the gift list and and rsvp card with co-ordinated envelope.


Hopefully the bride loves them and they're half as perfect as I know the day will be. I wish them all the best for their special day!

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