Monday, 12 December 2011

Fascinating Surfaces

Last weekend I went to help out my Grandparents providing tea, soup and cakes to the many Christmas shoppers and visitors of the famous Lincoln Markets. After managing to squeeze in a quick visit and purchasing in some Christmas goodies, rushing back to the train station we came across a small design studio with the most wonderful ceramic creations in the window and just had to stop. 

Welcomed in out of the cold by the charming artist, James Faulkner, we were greeted by a series of fascinating forms and textures.

James' work explores the effects of erosion and decay on surfaces, 'fascinated by the surfaces created by nature upon man made objects, metal, wood or plastics.'

You can really see his interests in layering and natural processes, seeking 'minimalism of form in order to find balance with the complex surfaces'.

Being a great fan of textures, layers and processes such as oxidisation, I find these creations truly interesting and beautiful. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a small vase shaped package this Christmas!

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