Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Delicate metalwork by Hazel Thorn

Another amazing maker I came across at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair was the work of Hazel Thorn, whose sculptural vessels are an exploration and celebration of experimental metalwork techniques. 

I was amazed to discover these objects were created out of metal as on first glance these wonderful pieces appeared to be ceramic, the textures of the forms appear as worked clay, layered and blended together. To achieve this effect she combines metals and then uses patinating techniques to create the bold patterns and colours.

The role of patination in her work is to reveal the making of the object, highlighting the joints and seams and where the materials change. Precious and non-precious metals are used alongside one another, each chosen for its potential colours from patination.
She states on her website that she has been 'investigating the appeal of irregular or imperfect objects, such as ruined buildings' prefering 'a dilapidated or roughly-constructed aesthetic to one of precise and shining beauty.' 

You can really see how her observations of natural materials such as tree bark and disintegrating manmade objects informs her work in these beatiful abstract forms. Amazing work!

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