Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Origin finds - Jennifer Collier

I was so in awe when I saw these amazing paper creations by Jennifer Collier.

By sourcing and using discarded paper products she turns them into incredible 'remakings' of everyday items. Bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching, she uses the paper as a fabric, 'a contemporary twist on traditional textiles, giving new life to what may go unloved or be thrown away’.

Being an avid lover of footware, I think the shoes are just wonderful and would make a great gift. Though the teacups are pretty special and the teaset is just adorable!

I just love the attention to detail in all of her pieces, they are incredibly clever and so beautiful.

I could have put so many more images on here, as all of her creations are wonderfully delighful so do check out her amazing work on her website.

I've seen her gallery and studio Unit 12 advertised at Hot Bed press and I'm extremely encouraged now to go and pay a visit. 

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