Sunday, 16 October 2011

Origin finds - Emma Ware

One last jewellery maker I have to mention is the amazing work of Emma Ware. 

You can see a couple of images of her stand here and here, which really show off the beautiful sculptural quality of her pieces.

I have totally fallen in love with her work, in which she creates these wonderful tactile pieces created out of reclaimed materials such as bicycle inner tubes.

Emma's pieces are made by juxtaposing malleable dark rubber with polished metal. These intricate sculptures are framed and complimented by the body. 'Reflecting our curves and angles to emphasize and celebrate the beauty in nature. Soft, tactile and moveable these creations need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated.'

I really love the single ear pieces and am seriously considering as a style accessory I think I could make work for me.

But it is her statement neck pieces which I just think are absolutely stunning. I love the forms, the textures and materiality, the layers and the beautiful movement she has created within the pieces, amongst the challenge of working with reclaimed materials.

I couldn't leave the show without making a purchase and my gorgeous piece arrived beautifully packaged last weekend. I'm very much looking forward to wearing it and will definitely be keeping a watch on her website for my next piece, (provided I can actually make a choice?!). Thank you Emma!


I have just discovered a collection of photos from the show posted by Origin on flicker, 
do check them out to see all of the other wonderful makers at Origin.

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