Sunday, 2 October 2011

new studio addition

Have had a bit of time off from the blog as things have been absolutely manic. I'm very excited though as have some really lovely weddings coming up in the next year, all of which are going to be very different, so my head is currently in planning mode thinking of creative touches to make each and every one unique and personal. I look forward to sharing my ideas as things progress. 

I've been slightly daunted by the fact this is my 50th post, thank you to all who read the blog. I thought it would be a good occasion to share the incredibly exciting news of the new addition to my studio (thanks to my parents for a wonderful birthday gift!).


I've cleaned it up, given it a new set of rollers and the blocks are in the chase all set and ready to go! I'm passionate about letterpress and am so pleased with my latest creations (to be revealed) and am very much looking forward to being able to spend more time on the press playing and already have lots of ideas. Watch this space for a selection of letterpress Christmas cards over the next few weeks!

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