Sunday, 11 September 2011

wonderful surprise up close

Was able to view the wedding picture in real life this weekend. After seeing the photo, I was so excited to see it, and it is truly stunning and the detail is absolutely amazing.

Her painting style is so beautiful, I feel honored to be the subject. The blues of the wedding theme are complimented so well by the purples and pinks in the background and considering it is a view from the back she has managed to capture an amazing likeness.

The rough textures of the oils brilliantly captures the layers and movement of the dress. I love that she has used bits of our flowers and the order of service adding to the layering and totally representing the style of the wedding.

The piece is so wonderful on so many levels. It is beautiful and interesting to look at from so many views. I could spend hours just gazing at it and still see new elements each time I do. It is such a wonderful gift and I know my parents are just over the moon. 

A huge thanks again to the wonderful Jas Peacham, you are one very, very talented lady and I am majorly full of awe! 

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