Tuesday, 30 August 2011

mice run races

I am so excited to blog about our new art work. After our art tour trip in Northumberland we just fell in love with Sarah Morpeth's paper cuts. After much deliberation we decided to treat ourselves to a delightful piece featuring mice running through the hedgerows.

The piece is hand painted and simply framed to capture the wonderful complexities of the art work. I love the layering of the paper and the depth created within the image, capturing completely the feel of the hedgerow,


We opted for the version without the text but I am already planning a hand cut piece incorporating her lovely lettering to celebrate our first year of being married! I am in such awe of her work, and am hoping to see her and her new creations at Origin in September.

Thank you Sarah! Just need to find the perfect place to display it now!


paper creatures

I just love these fantastic paper animals by Madeleine Rogers for Mibo. When I saw some in Paperchase I just had to buy these guys for a friend's birthday. They come flat-packed as a cool make it your self pack, ideal for posting. Hopefully she found making them as fun as I would have?!
My sister is very into owls at the moment and these delightful little characters made me think of her, so I've just bought her some as a little going back to school treat (she's heading back into the world of study to undertake a PGCE to become a wonderful primary school teacher). I hope these guys bring her lots of wisdom.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

inspiration florale


Have been sorting through some of my photos from France. Inspired by the beautiful roses of Geberoy, I've been making more origami flowers, playing with different colours and textures. I love the simplicity of the newsprint and the tonal colours from using magazine advertisements.

They make lovely wedding decorations / favours! Will soon be posting on etsy in the meantime you can see more of my flowers on my Facebook page.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Typography, hard and soft

I am obsessed with type at the moment and am loving my daily emails from Typography Daily.

When I saw this just had to post. As an architect come stationary designer I love the polished textures and the forms created within the room.

In total contrast I came across this beautifully illustrated botanical font by Sasha Prood. Absolutely stunning, makes me want to get out my pencils and create!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wedding Stationary Designs

Blimey, I don't post for ages and then twice in one day?! 

I have been busy this evening uploading images of my bespoke handmade wedding stationary and just wanted to share, please check out my facebook page here

Please contact me if you would like to discuss unique wedding stationary for that very special occasion. 


Hellish Designs

Just had to do a quick post to share the lovely new blog of a friend and source of inspiration. 

Heather's a textile designer who works with gorgeous vintage fabrics. I'm totally coveting these cushions and apron's made from lovely textured linen sacks (and also fueling my typography passion).

I'm a huge fan of her bags, my personal fav at the moment is one of her fabulous slouch bags. It hangs in a lovely shape but it's biggest selling point is it opens out to shopper shape to accommodate larger items, great for someone who always seems to have a lot of stuff!

They also make great presents! Heather can be found at many a stylish craft fair across the UK so do contact her for more information. But if you can wait you can find more of her lovely creations here.

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