Thursday, 2 June 2011

Photo Etching

Last weekend I went up to Hot Bed Press to try some photo etching, something I thought I might be able to combine with my letter pressing, creating my own plates from my images. Its still a work in progress but thought I'd show off what I'd been doing!

The original image was a shot from our honeymoon in San Francisco, which I thought would be nice to make a visual memory out of.

Inital prints from the plate, the photo film which hadn't been fully cleaned off created interesting patches in the skyline which it was almost a shame to loose!

Once cleaned and the plate bitten in stages the image was starting to become clearer, however I'd lost some of the detail from the bridge and other areas needed more definition. The next step was then to apply more etching techniques, applying aquatints and hard grounds and drawing into the plate.

Although it takes a lot of work its getting there and the image is starting to evolve. I love the painterly effects I've achieved with the magic pencil. Looking forward to getting back and trying out some coloured prints to bring out the image even more.

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