Sunday, 13 February 2011


I love flowers, but with the paper theme of the wedding I decided I wanted to do something a little different and have paper flowers. Re establishing my origami skills (which took a bit of practice!) I experimented with a few patterns but decided on two different rose forms.  
Having tried to describe my thoughts to my family and close friends I was received with some ‘that sounds nice’ with a bit of a raised eyebrow comments! However I persevered and when I showed everyone my mock ups they absolutely loved the uniqueness.

Using Gypsophila as foliage, I arranged the flowers in gorgeous French vintage jars I'd sourced through a friend (and source of inspiration, you can see her own lovely creations here

I also created the bouquets out of a smaller bunch of flowers, which my mum lovingly and beautifully wrapped together with ribbon.


Everybody was amazed at how effective the flowers looked and the nicest thing was I didn't have to throw them away, they became a lovely keepsake for our guests and for me!

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  1. Hi Sarah! Your dress is beautiful and I love the idea of origami flowers! Brilliant! Hope you both have a fantastic day,



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