Monday, 12 December 2011

Fascinating Surfaces

Last weekend I went to help out my Grandparents providing tea, soup and cakes to the many Christmas shoppers and visitors of the famous Lincoln Markets. After managing to squeeze in a quick visit and purchasing in some Christmas goodies, rushing back to the train station we came across a small design studio with the most wonderful ceramic creations in the window and just had to stop. 

Welcomed in out of the cold by the charming artist, James Faulkner, we were greeted by a series of fascinating forms and textures.

James' work explores the effects of erosion and decay on surfaces, 'fascinated by the surfaces created by nature upon man made objects, metal, wood or plastics.'

You can really see his interests in layering and natural processes, seeking 'minimalism of form in order to find balance with the complex surfaces'.

Being a great fan of textures, layers and processes such as oxidisation, I find these creations truly interesting and beautiful. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a small vase shaped package this Christmas!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

a very special advent

So it would appear I'm not the only creative member of the household! Got home this evening to find this wonderful advent calender made for me by my very special husband. I haven't been feeling very christmasy but the kitten is just soo cute and I definately am much more in the mood now. I can't wait to open my first window on Thursday.

(p.s I know it looks like I've had a sneaky nibble already, it's actually not quite finished yet but I just had to share it!)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bookmark Save the Dates

For another commision I'm working on at the moment, we'd discussed incorporating the wonderful Penguin postcards which are available at the moment into the invitations, so to start off this theme I created these little bookmarks as their save the dates. 

As the bride is Dutch we had to go for the orange band which I continued onto the back as a finishing touch, with the little man designs logo in the style of the Penguin.

Personally I think they work really well and make a great simple momento for the guests to use and ensure they remember the date!

Monday, 21 November 2011

International Engagement

Just wanted to share this card I made for our friend from New York who recently announced her engament to her British partner. A twist on the origami heart, I think it turned out rather well. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kinetic Jewellery

I recently visited the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair held in Spinningfields in Manchester. It was a lovely event and there were so many wonderful makers, I thought I'd share a few of my finds. The first was this amazing jewellery by Victoria Walker.

Beautiful and intricate, she creates kinetic pieces which emerge and unfold from within. 

'Inspired by movement, the beauty of natural forms, and the idea that sometimes the
most precious elements are hidden beneath the surface.'

By twisting, these wonderful creations change their form and bloom out of their casings. They are delightfully clever and very unique and I can imagine a joy to wear!


I am off to Dazzle at the weekend and look forward to seeing her work again there.

Delicate metalwork by Hazel Thorn

Another amazing maker I came across at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair was the work of Hazel Thorn, whose sculptural vessels are an exploration and celebration of experimental metalwork techniques. 

I was amazed to discover these objects were created out of metal as on first glance these wonderful pieces appeared to be ceramic, the textures of the forms appear as worked clay, layered and blended together. To achieve this effect she combines metals and then uses patinating techniques to create the bold patterns and colours.

The role of patination in her work is to reveal the making of the object, highlighting the joints and seams and where the materials change. Precious and non-precious metals are used alongside one another, each chosen for its potential colours from patination.
She states on her website that she has been 'investigating the appeal of irregular or imperfect objects, such as ruined buildings' prefering 'a dilapidated or roughly-constructed aesthetic to one of precise and shining beauty.' 

You can really see how her observations of natural materials such as tree bark and disintegrating manmade objects informs her work in these beatiful abstract forms. Amazing work!

Miniture Fairytales

Another find I came across at the GNCCF were these delightful miniture books by Alix Swan which I just had to share.

Alix creates these tiny books by 'fusing old and new technologies through found materials, original drawing, digital photography and images, stitch, collage and book binding techniques'.


Bringing back fond childhood memories and making me want to dance again, her adaption of the red shoes is just lovely and these tiny red slippers are just adorable!

A tiny envelope holds a beautiful concertina book telling the wonderful story of Thumbelina through gorgeous imagery and text. I love the simple typewriter pressed cover.

This take away box container is such a clever creation and these miniture hard bound books are truely amazing. I love the collaged cover of the Princess of the Pea.

Such wonderful talent and hugely inspiring in so many ways. These gorgeous minitures would create a charming, quirky and original gift.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Collage Prints

I've been having a bit of a clear out and came across these collaged plates I made on a printing weekend at Hot Bed. I think this was one of my favourite forms of creating a plate as I love the art of collage, arranging objects to create interesting images.

Inking in my favourite colour, I experimented with inking techniques to bring out different elements of the plate. I really enjoy playing with textures and the effects achieved, its really made me want to give it another go.



Monday, 31 October 2011

Vintage Ticket Save the Dates

Following some lovely weddings this year, it's really exciting to be involved in lots more weddings coming up over the next year. I've been very busy putting ideas together for some very different but all wonderful events and am currently in Save the Date mode.

Some of our close friends are getting married in the city next summer and I've just handed over these sweet vintage ticket style save the dates.

Having not yet quite finalised their theme, I wanted to create something for them which was both simple and fun, with an element of hollywood glamour!

I letterpressed the tickets on the press to give them that lovely finish and punched the date. They're such a lovely couple and I really hope they love them as much as I do.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Paper Anniversary

Just wanted to share this card I made for our 'paper' anniversary (although my partner would say its cotton).
Reviving my origami skills I created a cupid style heart folded out of vintage map wrapping paper. The pocket on front makes a great space for a personal message.
Would be great for an anniversary or valentines card, or just for that special person on a special occasion!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Origin finds - Emma Ware

One last jewellery maker I have to mention is the amazing work of Emma Ware. 

You can see a couple of images of her stand here and here, which really show off the beautiful sculptural quality of her pieces.

I have totally fallen in love with her work, in which she creates these wonderful tactile pieces created out of reclaimed materials such as bicycle inner tubes.

Emma's pieces are made by juxtaposing malleable dark rubber with polished metal. These intricate sculptures are framed and complimented by the body. 'Reflecting our curves and angles to emphasize and celebrate the beauty in nature. Soft, tactile and moveable these creations need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated.'

I really love the single ear pieces and am seriously considering as a style accessory I think I could make work for me.

But it is her statement neck pieces which I just think are absolutely stunning. I love the forms, the textures and materiality, the layers and the beautiful movement she has created within the pieces, amongst the challenge of working with reclaimed materials.

I couldn't leave the show without making a purchase and my gorgeous piece arrived beautifully packaged last weekend. I'm very much looking forward to wearing it and will definitely be keeping a watch on her website for my next piece, (provided I can actually make a choice?!). Thank you Emma!


I have just discovered a collection of photos from the show posted by Origin on flicker, 
do check them out to see all of the other wonderful makers at Origin.
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